Shop Policies

I love what I do and I’m sure that who arrive to my shop love their entrepreneurship. In order to work together and that the AllPaperArt experience turns to be happy to both of us, we need to speak clearly.
My politics not only do protect the designer but they protect you as well!
Please read the policies totally. Each client is responsible for being familiar with these terms and following them, as well as reading listing details, to ensure you are fully aware of what you are purchasing. No exceptions will be made. When you, the client, make a purchase, you are agreeing to these terms.

Premade logo designs generally have a delivery time of 1-3 business days. Once approval has been received, you will receive the final files within 1 business day. I do not offer rush jobs without prior approval. Projects are processed in the order they come in.

It is also important that you communicate in a timely manner. Communication delays of your side will delay the final result. If I have not received any communication for you in 2 business days, your project will be put at the end of my queue. If I do not receive any communication for 3 business days, and I have already sent the proofs, your order will be sent as the proofs with no revisions.

Any requests for specific fonts that the designer does not have must be purchased by the client. If you have a license agreement for that font, send it to my email.
Under copyright law, it is illegal for the designer to provide fonts with designs.

If you buy a logo or desing on my shop you get 2 modifications/previews for free.
If you want to test or do more modify more logos or designs then, the purchase of “Add-on, Extra preview” is required for each design that you want to try.
Please note that the preview is not refundable and won’t be discounted from your logo purchase.
This is to help keep the project timeline on track.

It is important that all revision requests be sent in list format and are as specific as possible. Requests not supplied in the requested format will cause delays in the design process. The generic statements such as “would like to see a different font” or “change the color to blue” do not provide enough information and will result in delays and possible additional charges. An example of correct denomination of color is: #000000.

Your answer to the previews I will send you should be within 1-2 business days. If I do not receive any communication for 3 business days, and I have already sent preview, your order will be sent as proofs with no revisions.

I send you the previews in a low res format and watermarked. It aims to let you preview how it could look like.
It is not allowed to use the previews as your logo in web, Etsy, facebook, instagram, nor any other digital o printed place.

The client is 100% responsible for acepting all proof of content before submission as well as any file (draft, proof or final) sent by me. If final files have been sent and an error is found or a change is necessary, an additional editing fee will be charged. Absolutely no exceptions. Please look over your proof very carefully before approval.

Due to the inability to return digital items, premade logos and templates are 100% non-refundable. It is up to the client to ensure the template/logo is what you are looking for and you have the required software, if applicable.

Once final approval has been given, final files will be provided in a variety of formats, which may include PNG, JPG and SVG.
If a specific file format is needed you should ask if I can provide it before purchasing. Stand alone graphics or layered PSD files are not available for purchase.
Files will be submitted to the client via a download link that is active for 30 days. It is the client’s responsibility to download images in a timely manner, as files are regularly removed to make room for new projects. After 30 days, any requests to re-active the link will need to purchase the $5 re-upload listing.

Change requests to your files after they have already been sent will be quoted out as a new project and the client should buy the corresponding addon.
I receive many requests and cannot make changes for free.

Unfortunately due to my lack of technical knowledge of your computer and printer set up, I cannot offer any print support, print tutorials, nor print service, including home printers and 3rd party printer lab. If you have any trouble with the template itself, please reach out to me so I can troubleshoot the issue.
I do not offer print services. All Paper Art is not responsible for printing issues as items are *digital* file downloads only. Once you have the digital file, All Paper Art does not have control over printers, printing or anything related to printing your design. I do not offer any print support, home or print lab.

All designs/templates/premade logos are not to be sold as your own work. It is a copyright violation to use the designs in any manner that is not explicitly permitted, or to reproduce the graphics without the consent of the designer. It’s just not nice to steal. Don’t affect your Karma

Buyer may not resell, relicense, redistribute without express written permission from Tuky Waingan. Tuky Waingan retains all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of the designs.

Thank you for supporting “All Paper Art” !